Day 161 – EU – Greece [Lefkada to Palairos]

01st August 2020
Run: 37.5km

Getting the hang of heat management techniques – August in Greece promises to be challenging!

I left at dawn this morning and really enjoyed watching the sunrise as I left Lefkada and made my way inland. Sunrises used to be a daily feature of my running before the lockdown. When I resumed running in June, sunrise would be too early for my runs, I’d always start in daylight. Now the heat is giving a good enough reason to resume the early start and I am enjoying it!

The major difference I notice, running under the heat, is the amount of breaks I take during my runs. For an average 40km, I used to take less than 1hr cumulative breaks. Now that the temperatures are in the extreme range, breaks can amount to as much as 2hrs, for the same 40km run.

Today for instance, by km 21, I had already accumulated 20 minutes of breaks. From this point on, and because the temperature climbed dramatically, I needed a break every 2 or 3km to cool down the engine. The lady owner of a cafe at Vonitsa handed me a large bag of ice that did last me the remainder of the run and has been a real lifesaver today.


I would usually run till the sweating got so out of control that I wasn’t able to hold BoB the stroller properly, with all the sweat running down my arms to my wrists and hands. Then I would stop, wear my “ice hat” and sip on cold water till the sweating would stop. Then start again. I also added another check by verifying my heart rate at each break. But so far I haven’t noticed anything worrying.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s run. It will be longer and with much more uphill, but it will be followed by a rest day, and that is all I need right now!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: