Day 156 – EU – Greece [Transit Athens to Border – Flight]

27th July 2020
Run: 0km

Another flight, another bus ride and reaching my re-start point, just opposite the Albanian border

Today’s transit from Athens to Northern Greece was supposed to be a quick journey. A 1hr flight to Ioannina, then a 1h30 bus journey to Igoumenitsa, followed by a 30mn car ride to Sagiada.

Unfortunately it turned out there are not many buses doing the Ioannina-Igoumenitsa route. I ended up being stranded at the bus station for 3 hours. But as I was sitting there, I thought, there are worse places to be stranded in!

Right, so I have spent 2 days moving around Albania and Greece to, in effect, just cross the border. I am itching to be back on the road. It also seems the two days rest have done wonders on my toe. Though it is still quite sensitive, the hematoma has nearly disappeared and it is not hurting each time the foot hits the ground. Sounds promising for tomorrow!

I also realise Greece is 1 hour ahead of Albania and the rest of Western Europe. That means sunnup is now 6:30am, ie: a later start to my running. I know finding food in Greece is not a problem, you can always get something to eat if you sit down at a taverna anytime of the day.

For so many reasons… I’m so glad to start the crossing of Greece!