Day 129 – EU – Croatia [Obrovac to Biograd Na Moru]

30th June 2020
Run: 46.5km

Running in the furnace of Croatia’s dry and beautiful backcountry roads

Leaving earlier today didn’t spare me any of the discomfort of running under the hot Croatian summer sun. I started running just after 6am and it was clear it was gonna be hot. I went up a hill to get over Obrovac and I could feel the effort was accentuated by the already powerful heat.

The first half of the run was on a standard road. Then I switched to a cross country trail. The road was amazing. It had been a long time since I ventured on trails and today’s settings were particularly awesome. I got to see quite a lot of wildlife too. Deers, snakes and lizards were always too fast for me to grab my phone and snap away.


One animal wasn’t too fast for my poor reaction times: turtles! I got to see quite a lot. I had a particular fondness for them as a child, and still do today. Maybe their apparent self sufficiency (carrying their home on their back) inspired unconsciously the way I am going around the world! Anyway I saw quite a lot of them and was extra cautious on the trails, as I could easily have rolled BoB the stroller over one of them – master of disguise they are too!

I am glad I get to stay in a sizable city today, as I get to eat a proper lunch and dinner (which was not the case yesterday at Obrovac). I should be able to replenish enough to get ready for tomorrow’s run, another long day on the road!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: