Day 128 – EU – Croatia [Tribanj Sibuljina to Obrovac]

29th June 2020
Run: 39.5km

Stairway to oven! A very hot day on the road

In contrast to the previous days, I didn’t get to enjoy much shade this morning. As soon as I hit the road, the air was hot and I started sweating. And as another contrast to the previous days, I was also gonna leave the coastline momentarily and run inland for a while. No sea swim this afternoon!

The landscapes changed drastically at km20, halfway through the run. I went inland and the scenery was suddenly dry, desertic, lined up by the majestic mountains of the Paklenica National Park.

There was no shade at all and on the breaks I took, I had to orient BoB (my stroller) in a certain way so that I could sit down and stick my head in a shaded area while resting! I rationed my water supply so that the 4 ½ litres would last me through the end. I need to take more water onboard from now on.

I passed by a place of interest today apparently. The dry deserted land I crossed for 20km was the setting for the “Winnetou” Indian Apache movie series of the 1960’s. I have never heard of it and it apparently was a phenomenal hit in Germany. I shall search the internet this afternoon to know more about it!

The town I am resting in tonight, Obrovac, is lodged in a canyon, with the river Zrmanja cutting through the middle of it. Originally a Serbian majority city, it is now mostly Croats populating it – Serbs having fled the town in the 90’s at the height of the conflict. Not much activity in the city, I counted two cafes and two minimarts on my way. A quiet place to get some rest I reckon!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: