Day 127 – EU – Croatia [Karlobag to Tribanj Sibuljina]

28th June 2020
Run: 37.5km

On the road again, running towards Split this week – meanwhile enjoying a string of small villages along the way

The run down this coast is definitely looking more and more like a summer holiday road trip! Today I literally had the road to myself. In the first hour of the run, I counted I crossed paths with 2 motorcycles and 3 cars. That ain’t much!

These days I start running around 6:30am and this makes the first hours of the run very bearable. Though the temperatures are high, the mountains that are lining the coast on the East provide a good shadow from the rising sun. I don’t get the full heat of the sun before around 9am. And by that time, it does get hot!

With this start time, I arrive at my destination way before lunch. Which is nice because in these small villages, checking time is not as stringent as it may be in city hotels. I get more time to enjoy lunch, have a healthy nap, walk through my surroundings and in general get more enjoyment out of the places I am going through.

Today, as has been the case every day since I crossed into Croatia, my host is giving me a very warm welcome. After my lunch, Mario shared with me a glass of Schnapps, produced by himself from the plums of his father out in Zagreb. It seems to be a tradition here, it’s already the 3rd time I am being offered this beverage as a welcome gesture. It was nice but literally burnt my throat in the process! (schnapps is the equivalent of Rakia, traditionally Serbian but enjoyed throughout the Balkans)

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: