Day 126 – EU – Croatia [Rest Day in Karlobag]

27th June 2020
Run: 0km

A day spent resting on the shores of one of Croatia’s tiny seaside resorts – quiet and peaceful

I also did some of my homework! As I mentioned earlier, and is verified in the news, Australia is not welcoming tourists until 2021. My visa application is still on hold and despite my best efforts, I am not getting any answer. I am therefore re-arranging my logistics to plan for a crossing of Australia in 2021.

An immediate consequence of this is that I am no longer in a hurry to reach Istanbul. I therefore extend my run in Southern Europe. I will head down South to the Peloponnesos and run around on the coast. I will then proceed to Athens and head up North towards Thessaloniki.

From there, my first option (GREEN line on the map) is to head up North to Sofia (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania), then East towards the coast of the Black Sea and then South again towards Istanbul. With this new plan, I should reach Istanbul by 1st November.

I may well choose to keep running further up North from Sofia (BLUE line on the map) and crossing: Serbia – Hungary – Slovakia before heading South towards Romania and Istanbul. This should take me to 1st December. 

I need to drill into stages details to see what is feasible – with respect to terrain and my ability to find a roof and some food every 40-45km or so. 

From then on, I will probably do around 1 or 2 months of running in Europe. I am very tempted by a crossing of the UK, North to South, including Ireland. This will be a “buffer run”, not counting towards the World Run kilometres, to keep moving until I am allowed in Australia. I will then head to Asia and Australia at the beginning of 2021.

As I have said time and again: it would be utterly boring and uninteresting if the World Run was going exactly in accordance with an Excel File I prepared during my lunch breaks at work some 2 or 3 years ago! Life is what happens when things don’t go to plan, isn’t it?..!