Day 122 – EU – Croatia [Rijeka to Novi Vinodolski]

23rd June 2020
Run: 40.5km

A nice day between Croatia’s inland and coastal routes – arrival in a seaside resort – now on for a swim!

Today’s run started with some uphills out of Rijeka, around 600m+ elevation in the first part of the run. I ran on a secondary road, going up the mountains, parallel to the sea. Some amazing sceneries, lovely villages – and I was surprised how many people gave me encouragement on the way.

The view was stunning. On my left hand, the mountains of the Dinaric Alps range. On my right hand, the adriatic sea and the islands off the coast. Temperatures reached 30 Celsius, but I was lucky that a soft wind was blowing, cooling the air throughout the run, making it very bearable.



As I arrived near my arrival point, Google Maps directed me via a resort towards the seaside. I went in, but the resort was sort of derelict, fences everywhere. I ran through the deserted alleys of the resort. Then the road stopped, there were only stairs. I went up and had to make my way through abandoned roads and overgrown bushes back to the main road. A little adventure in itself!

Another lovely day for an afternoon sea swim – summer along this coast is going to be very enjoyable 🙂




Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: