Day 120 – EU – Italy/Slovenia [Trieste to Hrusica]

21st June 2020
Run: 33.5km

And into Slovenia I ran! On a short, rainy and mountainous running day

My luck with the weather keeps going strong. I left this morning with a beautiful sky which turned cloudy and slightly rainy as the incline of the road went up.


The Italy / Slovenia border first resembled any other border post within Europe: an abandoned derelict building with no one in attendance. But about 50m from this, tents were set-up and two policemen were stationed, asking their “dokument” to all travelers going in and out. Now, this was a surprise. A first as far as I am concerned since the beginning of the journey.

The first 15km were significantly uphill, with the route out of Trieste really steep in the first few kilometers – and I also encountered some stairs, which slowed me down even more. That was a mighty effort to start the day with!

Once into Slovenia, it felt different. I had left the coastal road and went inland, into a mountainous forested area. Green, very green. Few villages on the way, and the first thing I’d see upon entering a village would be the taverna with a roasting pork on a barbecue. A specialty of the region apparently.

My host tonight, Patrik, drove me 3km to a nearby village so I could enjoy a proper lunch. How nice! I hadn’t even asked, I must have looked quite hungry 🙂

Tomorrow I am crossing yet into another country, Croatia which should take me close to 3 weeks to cross. Looking forward!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: