Day 119 – EU – Italy [Rest Day in Trieste]

20th June 2020
Run: 0km

Enjoyment and gratitude

I sat down for lunch at the Piazza Sant’Antonio Nuovo. The view from my table was that of a vibrant 18th Century Serbian Orthodox church, an austere Stately church and the Canal Grande Di Trieste. With the sea in the background.

The lunch I enjoyed had all the finest ingredients of Italian cuisine. Burrata, herbs, vegetables, pasta, meat… I finished my meal, then a book I had taken with me since the lockdown and went for a walk around town. My favourite playlist blasting in my ears.

The weather was perfect, the air was warm and summery. I wondered what the hell have I done to deserve it… I looked around. Incredible hard working men and women have worked here. Creating these awesome cities, buildings, painting frescos, erecting churches and other sculptures and monuments. Some write books, some compose music. All things that make life so beautiful and entertaining – not just bearable: highly pleasurable.

And here I am, enjoying all of it, filling myself with it. And what have I done? … Today I settle with the thought that my appreciation and gratitude for it all will have to do. For the time being. That and my running 40km a day to get to see and feel every bit of it.


Now for lighter things, like going for an ice cream and dipping my toes in the sea… !

One heavy topic to set aside for later: what to do now that Australia has announced its borders will remain closed to tourists till 2021… I leave this for my running – I think better on my feet!