Day 102 – EU – France [Les Tourrettes to Valence]

16th March 2020
Run: 33km

End of the road in France. Heading for compulsory lockdown after 102 days on the road, 86 runs and 3,435km run. Will be back on the road the soonest

Today’s run was disrupted throughout. Messages, calls, emails. Hotels were cancelling one by one. I spent some time trying to find alternatives. Then it became obvious that I was only trying to buy time. One day, maybe two. I was ready for the news: it is time to go into lockdown, in Paris, and stay safe whilst the spread of the virus is being dealt with.

I am not sad about the journey. I am confident it will restart as soon as the situation is improved and bans are lifted. I will manage. The delays will cause some logistical headaches down the line but yet again, nothing that cannot be dealt with.

I am more concerned about the situation itself, and the enormous sacrifices that are being asked of everyone during these tough times. All these millions of people being ordered into lockdown throughout the continent is a bit frightful. I hope it works…

Blogwise: I will stop my daily input throughout the lockdown period. I will make some Facebook announcements, especially when I have indications about when the world run can re-start.

Thank you everyone who has read this blog so far! Stay safe and healthy – and we’ll be on the road again soon…


Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: