Day 74 – EU – France [Nimes to Avignon]

17th February 2020
Run: 43.6km

From one history laden city to another – arriving in Avignon via the “Palais des Papes” (Papal Palace), view on the “Pont D’Avignon” (famously half broken bridge of Avignon), through the “Ramparts” (medieval fortifications) – what a journey!

The upside of my journey is that I am going to see so many places. I am going around the world, stopping by every 40km or so. Every day a different place, a different town, different sights. The downside is… I only have 1 day in each place, and sometimes, it frankly ain’t enough!

Take Nimes for instance. I thought yesterday, that I could have done with one more day of walking around the city and taking in all the sights. Today is yet another one of these days. Avignon is such a historically and culturally rich city. So much history in the walls, the cathedral, churches, streets, papal palace, bridges. The architectures, the remains of ancient times.

But, that’s the nature of the journey I am on, so I won’t complain, and I saw as much as I could. This week being a “heavier” week in terms of running, it’s a fine art to balance the need for sightseeing and the need for resting! Anyhow, Avignon is a true marvel, and it literally shone through the rain and grey skies!



Today was the second day of drizzly rainy weather under heavy grey skies. I found the cycling path that took me all the way to Avignon and it made for another pleasant day on the road! 



Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: