Day 73 – EU – France [Mauguio to Nimes]

16th February 2020
Run: 40km

Back on my healthy feet, on a grey drizzly day – and running into the “most Roman city outside Italy”: Nimes

All the worries I had about my feet vanished as soon as I got out of the door. My legs felt fresh again, and I found my natural pace instantly. I will not know what contributed best. Did the tensions in the heels vanish because I took it very slowly yesterday? Or did they disappear because I thoroughly massaged both feet with the Tiger Balm ointment? Or maybe both! Whichever was the effective remedy, I am glad I addressed the matter correctly. 

The sky was grey and low, drizzly throughout the run. Though everything does look better on a blue sky background, I did enjoy the wet run! I also felt very safe, as the traffic was quite low on the rural roads I ran on today. I did not take any picture on the road today, as my phone was back into its rain attire: the ziplock bag.

Nimes, the arrival city today. Dubbed the “most Roman city outside Italy”, with its Arena being amongst the 10 biggest of the Roman Empire. I took a few snaps of the city, as I quickly walked around, in the rain. I then took cover in a little cafe to warm up.

I then spent an hour talking with Benjamin Witte, a journalist based in Montpellier, who launched last year a Baseball blog platform. It was a trip down memory lane for me. I played softball/ baseball for the Huskies Team in France for about 5 years as a teenager. Baseball is big in Rouen, with the League 1 Team being France Champion since 2003 (minus 2004 and 2014). I don’t know how Ben will manage to write an article that combines my world run with the baseball background… but that’s his job not mine! It was great to meet someone to exchange with today. 

Interesting place I passed by today: the source of Perrier water, the sparkling water sold all around the world! 



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