Day 72 – EU – France [Sete to Mauguio]

15th February 2020
Run: 41km

Beautiful run on the cycling paths between the lakes today – a slow recovery run from the past two days

Though today was another pancake flat day, I set out much much slower than usual. I had just gone through two long days in a row and I was intent on making it easier on my feet today. Pace is usually something I don’t think about, I let it set naturally. But as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I have a few tensions in my heels today. So I slowed down the pace until it felt tension-free.

The road for the first 30km was absolutely stunning. Imagine a narrow strip of land, wedged between two lakes, by the sea, only accessible to bikes and pedestrians. Paradise! Seagulls and pink flamingos make for most of the lakes’ population. Being still blessed by incredibly good weather, the views were pristine, a delight for the eyes and the mind. Relaxing.

The final 10km, however, were more challenging. I notice that since I have set foot in France, roads do not always have a shoulder (for cyclists or pedestrians, as was always the case in Spain). Having spent a month and a half in Spain, I got used to cars respecting the 1.5m clearance, as they would do to a bike. Here I notice that motorists are not happy to see me on the road, and they make sure I know they are not happy about it. It is sometimes unnerving.

I am looking after my feet today. The only “medicine” I have with me is a small tube of “Tiger Balm” which I like to use when I need to massage a tensed joint. I am hoping the sensible slower pace and the massage will deliver – I am also hoping to find a sports shop in Nimes tomorrow, and get a new pair of runners!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: