Day 69 – EU – France [Rest Day in Port La Nouvelle]

12th February 2020
Run: 0km

Touching base with the Primary school children in Switzerland, going around the town and canal on a bike and getting my equipment checked in – active rest day

The day started off with a little tinge of excitement. At 11am I would meet with the Primary School pupils from a Swiss School [*], the first of my planned video conferences with children. Sharing with children is important for me, especially since “going around the world” is a dream born in childhood. I feel very fortunate to get to realise the dream as an adult, but the roots of it are firmly planted in my child self. [*Children of the College des Perrerets, Switzerland, Class 3P/P3]. 


I prepared a little presentation, but kept it minimal. I expected the children to be impatient and I counted on an interactive exchange to keep them engaged throughout. When the conference started, they didn’t disappoint! Hands kept rising, with questions, interventions. I was surprised how much they knew, about geography, about the world. They asked interesting questions and surprised me with their knowledge. The 45mn went by very quickly. When we hung up, I promised myself to spend more time getting more schools to work with. This was a highlight.

The rest of the day was more about resting and getting ready to get going again. My host lent me his bike for the day, and I was able to go around town and pedal by the canal. This region is very beautiful, nested between the sea and the “etangs”, sea salt water ponds. I had spotted pink flamingos yesterday but was unable to snap them today. My host told me I may be able to sight them tomorrow morning on my way.

Rested, refreshed and ready to go again!