Day 62 – EU – Spain [Lloret De Mar to San Feliu De Guixols]

5th February 2020
Run: 32.5km

Sinuous coastal road, uphills galore, breathtaking views… and quietness…

I was expecting a short day with serious uphill. The day did not disappoint! But it came with many goodies. At every twist and turn, a new view revealed itself, in the glory of today’s bright blue sky and strong sun. The coastal road had over 50 turns, and besides the handful of cars I saw, all driving slow, my company today was the cyclists pelotons. 

It seems the route is a favourite training ground for pro cyclists. I’m saying “pros” because that’s how I interpret a group of cyclists, all wearing the same kit, followed by 1 or 2 car(s) carrying spare bikes and wheels on the roof! I can imagine that the technical difficulty of the road coupled with the relentless uphills in succession would make it a very attractive training ground for pro (or wannabe pro) riders.

I enjoyed the quietness of the road, the silence, the views, the warmth, and the shorter day! I arrived early at San Feliu de Guixols and was greeted by my parents – who have driven all the way across France to come and meet me on the last stages of the Spanish run. Tomorrow is a day off, which I did not necessarily need physically, but which I will enjoy, no doubt visiting around the area in good company!


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