Day 39 – EU – Spain [Mazarron to Cartagena]

13th January 2020
Run: 40km

A tranquil day inland, going up the mountain again, then the gentle downhill to the plains of Cartagena

If yesterday was “cold” with 7 degrees, today was baltic with 3 degrees as I started the run! I am not very good with extreme temperatures (hence why I so much enjoyed life in Singapore) and the 3 degrees this morning must have been the coldest since the start of the World Run!

I was not too anxious about the cold though, as I was following a similar pattern for the past few days: leave town and get up a mountain within the first half of the run (ie: get warm). Then enjoy a gentle downhill till the next town in sight.

I followed the RM-332 road today, nearly no traffic at all, safe and very scenic. Every time I saw the signs, I thought “RM-332 stands for Route Magic-332”. Fair enough, with all the birds singing and performing amazing ballets in front of me, rabbits running around freely, all this nature behaving like I was not there… I felt like the invisible guest in the best show in town!

As I was about 10km away from Cartagena, a friend sent me a song. And I got to run with “This land is your land”, Springsteen’s version, on my approach to town. It fitted so well!

Today I felt the freedom, the grace and beauty of nature and how absolutely free and for everyone all of this is…. Just get out of the door and grab it!

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