Day 38 – EU – Spain [Aguilas to Mazarron]

12th January 2020
Run: 42km

Another day on the Mediterranean coast, on the mountainous roads and some mighty uphills – sunny and reflective – what is “luxury?”

A bit of a cold start today, 7 degrees as I got out of the door! But as soon as the body gets in motion, I get warm pretty quickly. Except the head and that’s why I’m always wearing a woolen hat or a band.

The first 19km of today were uphills, of various difficulty, totalling above 720m+ elevation. I was ready for this and took the day with ease, frequently breaking into power walk and getting distraction from my mobile phone.

At some point I watched a YouTube video a friend had sent me, and I saw part of the advertisement which was an off-voice asking :”What is luxury?” – a woman’s voice gave an answer which I did not pay attention to. I was already wondering!

My mom asks me nearly everyday: “Is your hotel any good?”. My daily answer is: “It’s got a bed, heater and warm water, I’m good”. So, that’s the definition of daily comfort for me. But what makes “luxury” for life on the road as I live it?

Well, the picture on the right-side depicts what my hotel room looks like every night. I rinse and wash my running gear and gotta find a way to dry it before I leave the next morning. It takes time. I don’t want to carry dirty gear sets. I got only 3 sets and I don’t want to have backlog and carry a smelly bag of dirty clothes with me!

Luxury… Luxury is when I find a Laundromat!! The answer sprung to my mind right after I watched the video-ad… I had a good laugh about it, but reflected that it was quite accurate in my situation!

Anyway – the kind of things my mind wanders about in the long hours on the road… Today was beautiful though and I am particularly enjoying Saturdays and Sundays on the road. These are the days when the cyclists are out. They never miss to shout words of encouragement as they pass me by, sometimes even slowing down to offer me some water. Great company!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: