Day 36 – EU – Spain [Carboneras to Vera]

10th January 2020
Run: 33km

Last of the short days of running, the ankles are fine! And a video-presentation of BoB, the Mighty Stroller!

Today was the second day I intended to run lower mileage in an attempt to make sure the little stinges I felt in my achilles a few days ago were but a result of my wearing old and worn shoes. I was a bit frustrated stopping my run at 33km, I had been feeling very good and I would have gone further. But I took it in my stride, I had favored a conservative approach, and since we are so early in the journey, I guess there is no harm!

The run itself was a good mix today. I had around 500m+ elevation within the first 10km and the road, from sea-level to the mountain was fabulously scenic! I then ran and gentle and quiet downhill for a long while and ended up on the seafront again.

I took my time, as I knew the run was a short one today. That’s where I got the idea to put together a little video to introduce BoB. I have mentioned my stroller many times, through my blog posts, pictures, instagram – but never quite shown it in full. The video is on the Home Page of the website ( as well as on my YouTube channel:

Tomorrow I will aim to resume running standard distances, averaging at 40km at the moment. Thanks for all your support lately, it’s all going very well!

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: