Day 34 – EU – Spain [Rest Day in Isleta Del Moro]

8th January 2020
Run: 0km

Rest day – running errands instead of marathons!

Isleta Del Moro is a very tiny village by the sea, lost in the grandeur of the Natural Park of Cabo De Gata. At this time of year, the only activity stems from a convenience store which opens a few hours in the morning, as well as a taverna-cafe which seems to be open daily. [all pictures in this post have been taken in Almeria]

My host had offered to drive me to town in the morning and back in the afternoon, since there is no bus service today. I took the offer as I really needed to buy new running shoes, as well as more food supplies. That meant a very early start, as he started the drive to Almeria at 7:15am.

The first running-shop I scouted had everything I needed and I left with two brand new pairs of runners. I hope they will break easily and be gentle on my ankles! I am not too fussy when it comes to shoes. I need them to have a relatively thin sole, especially on the heel. Since I land on front of the foot, there is no point having a thick heel pad, it would only make landing a bit awkward, if anything. Besides this requirement, not much, as long as the shoe feels comfortable.

I had lunch with Violette (whom I met on Day 31) the French walker who is walking around France-Portugal-Spain. She is now three quarters of the way and only 3 months away from completing her journey. I really admire her for walking all this way (her journey is 6000km) with her disease, and to bring awareness to it: fibromyalgia. I had to read about it, this is not something I was aware of. I wish her all the best, as we won’t meet on the road again!

My goal for next week is to take it very easy on my feet. Walk all uphills, run as gently as possible and go to all my planned destinations with the shortest route possible. I may end up running less than 40km a day… but I prefer to go easy on the ankles and ensure that whatever I have felt yesterday (the occasional sting) is not developing into something more problematic.

Heading tomorrow to Carboneras, on a road that will be very lonely – only passing by the tiny village of Fernan Perez at km17. The rest being an isolated road cutting through the Sierra de Cabo de Gata.