Day 33 – EU – Spain [Almeria to Isleta Del Moro]

7th January 2020

Run: 45km

Running into la Sierra de Cabo de Gata – Natural Park – under stellar conditions. 

Today is the last running day before my weekly break. For the first time since the world run has started, I feel like I need it! I have experienced a sting in my ankles today, close to the achilles. I reckon this is related to the past two weeks’ uphills and higher mileage. It most probably also has to do with my still running in the >1,500km broken shoes. Oooops!

I will take a short trip back to Almeria tomorrow, to get a new pair of shoes. This will also be an opportunity to catch up with my road companion, Violette the walker, and share a lunch with her. For info I stayed in Almeria yesterday, but most shops were closed for Epiphany’s public holiday. 

The run today was amazing. I left the portuary city of Almeria, ran for a while along the main road and amongst some more greenhouse farming fields. Then… the Sierra de Cabo de Gata appeared wide open before me. How magnificent! The flora changed to some pretty desertic species such as the Agave and the fan-palm (picture on the right). The scenery was remarkable, with volcanic mountains all around, remains of ancient castles and villages, a very pristine Natural Park. There was nearly no traffic and it felt I was alone in this world, enjoying Nature’s show of the most beautiful landscapes. 

I am taking my rest day in a tiny seaside place, Isleta Del Moro. A stunning place, mostly popular with divers in the summer. And fairly quiet (desertic?) at winter time! A peaceful place for a break. 

Check my daily run GPS data on Garmin or Strava (icons on top right of your screen) – here is the map of today’s run: