2019 is the year to get ready on all aspects of the preparation for a round-the-world run. 2018 has been successful in confirming that I was physically able to take on a lot of running and run back-to-back to marathons in self-sufficiency – but there is a lot more to get ready!

What are the other aspects of preparations, besides running, that I need to address?

  • Logistics: prepare my running route, plan the logistics, establish a budget and keep my savings in line, build a platform to document the run and share (website).
  • Physical: get monthly check-ups with a physio to ensure the increased volume does not lead to injury or imbalances.
  • Mental: learn self-defence to build up confidence for the solo run, and get psychologically ready to prepare for the various aspects of mental resilience required for the journey.
  • Other: learn a bit of Spanish to feel more at ease in the early stages of the run in Europe as well as the crossing of South America. I speak fluently French, English, German and Greek, Spanish will be a nice addition to get by.

In terms of training, I am building up to be comfortable running above 100km per week until June 2019. From July 2019 to the departure date, I will aim to build up to 160km per week.

I will also add, as much as I can, “marathons trips” similar to those I did in 2018.

In May 2019 I ran 5 marathons back-to-back in Australia, going from Perth South to Busselton.

I am hoping for a lot more of these trips, though it is difficult to take time off work, with the demands of my job. Hence why most of 2019 training preparation will rely on the gradual build-up of my weekly mileage.